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Role Summary

On behalf of our client, we are expanding our team with the addition of highly motivated, service-oriented Merchandisers who will ensure proper representation of our client’s best-in-class software and consumer electronics solutions in retail stores. Merchandisers help to maximize in-store presence and brand visibility for our client at point of sale by executing compelling in-store displays and supporting sales of our client products.

Role Responsibilities

The Merchandiser has an assigned territory of retail store accounts and is responsible for the following tasks on a part-time ongoing basis:


  • Coordinate and plan all visual merchandising activities, including material availability and logistics for each of the assigned stores 
  • Execute merchandising by distributing and installing all POS and visual materials supporting new product launches/new campaigns
  • Assess the compliance of the in-store merchandising based on our client visual guidelines and correct any lack of compliance
  • Check the level of merchandising in- store and replenish POS materials supporting our client products when required
  • Maximize our client brand visibility at the point of sale by identifying merchandising opportunities and influencing store managers to optimize share of shelf space for our client products
  • Monitor inventory levels at the retail outlet and escalate sell-in opportunities


Report results and store insights in a timely manner, same day as shift

Collect and report our client and competitive data:

  • Accurate report of our client activities and POS deployed
  • Compliance of in-store merchandising execution based on our client guidelines
  • Competitors’ merchandising activities and materials, including POS samples
  • Retailer’s feedback on our client merchandising
  • Consumer reactions and perception of competitive brands and their retail activities
  • Success of promotion and effectiveness of POS
  • Sell out and inventory data for both our client and competitors

Other Expectations

  • Build effective relationships with store management & staff
  • Work closely with the retailers to ensure all merchandising, POS and displays are executed according to our client guidelines in-between visits
  • Negotiate with the store manager to secure best placement for our client POS supporting new product launch or new campaign
  • Train/coach retail store manager and retail sales associates on the latest our client promotional products and campaigns (mechanics, fulfillment requirements and supporting POSm available)
  • Train/coach retail sales reps and our client promoters on merchandising execution
  • Communicate on a regular basis with your regional manager, attend weekly conference calls
  • Be a trusted in-store resource


Merchandiser Job Description

Role Competencies, Knowledge & Skills

The core knowledge & skills that candidates must possess in order to be considered for a Merchandiser role, and which will be further developed by the our client Merchandiser Qualification Program, are as follows:

Differentiating Competencies

Attention to Communication: Ensuring that information is passed on to others who should be kept informed

Thoroughness: Ensuring that one’s own and other’s work and information are complete and accurate; carefully preparing for meetings and presentations; following up with others to ensure that agreements and commitments have been fulfilled

Influencing Others: The ability to gain other’s support for ideas, proposals, projects, and solutions

Building Collaborative Relationships: The ability to develop, maintain, and strengthen partnerships with others inside or outside of the organization who can provide information, assistance, and support

Results Orientation: Focusing on the desired end result of one’s own or team’s work; setting challenging goals, focusing on the effort, and meeting or exceeding goals

Initiative: Identifying what needs to be done and doing it before being asked or required by the situation

The knowledge & skills that candidates must possess in order to be considered for a Merchandiser role, and which will be further developed by the our client Merchandiser Qualification Program, are as follows:

Knowledge & Skills

Planning/Time Management:  The ability to set a daily and weekly schedule.  Clear understanding of schedule impacts and flexibility to meet unexpected demands, while retaining reputation for being punctual with retailers

Negotiations: The knowledge of negotiation tactics and setting realistic targets.  Understands the win/loss for both sides.  Prepared with talking points with regard to retailer and target areas

Problem Solving: Ability to identify, analyze and find resolution to problems.  Prepared for common problems with known solutions.  Communicates on problems factually and unemotionally.  Follows up after problem is resolved

Product Knowledge:  Technically savvy with understanding of product operation, features, strengths and challenges.  Talks passionately and knowledgeably about our client products

SOPs:  Responsible for complying with Standard Operating Procedures, as aligned with our client brand approach.  Professionally delivers work through processes in consistent manner

Reporting:  Skilled in operations of required reporting systems.  Knowledgeable in the KPIs that are being reported

Retail Industry Knowledge:  Understands the industry and how it operates.  Knows the retailers.  Knows our client competitors and their strengths and weaknesses

Role Measures and Requirements

The role of our client Merchandiser will be paid on a xx% base and up to xx% bonus, based on performance as defined by the following metrics. The specific targets will be agreed with the Trade Marketing Manager for each month.  Key measures are as follows:


Timeliness: Key campaign targets completed within the defined launch window

Store coverage:  Assigned stores in territory visited as per frequency defined for each month

Execution compliance: Audits, including mystery shopping and in-store observation, show that targets are being met

Data reporting:  Timeliness and accuracy of the report submitted

our client brand visibility:  In-store observation audit shows that defined target is met

Role Requirements and Suggested Knowledge


1.       Previous retail merchandising experience

  • Technically savvy – genuinely interested in technology with a general knowledge of PC hardware and software, operating systems, consumer electronics products and gaming platforms
  • our client product knowledge a plus
  • Reliable transportation and current auto insurance 

5.       Access to a Computer with Broadband Internet

6.       Complete training and qualification on an ongoing basis 

7.       Neat and professional appearance, no visible tattoos or extreme piercing

8.       Must be able to lift 40 lbs. comfortably

9.       Must be able to stand for long periods of time; sitting is not acceptable

10.   Must be 18 years of age

11.   Required high school graduate or equivalent <additional education requirements to be defined by country>

12.   Preferred IT-related education background or relevant experience

13.   Commit to returning email and phone calls immediately, within 24 hours 

  • United Kingdom, Calow

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