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Role Summary

On behalf of our client, we are seeking to expand our team with the addition of highly motivated, service-oriented Technology Sales Trainers to train Field Reps and Retail Sales Associates (“RSAs”).  This role will also represent our client’s best-in-class software and consumer electronics solutions. These Trainers will be experts in our client’s products and services and will build advocacy and enhance the consumer experience, providing consumers, 3rd parties, Field Reps and RSAs with the necessary information to optimize sales at the consumer level.

Role Responsibilities

A Trainer is responsible for the following tasks on an ongoing basis:

Training Leadership

  • Effectively transfer knowledge, insight, meaning, and emotion tailored to any audience
  • Clearly convey the core Brand messaging in engaging and memorable ways
  • This could be delivered as Instructor-Led Training, Web-based Training, or any blend of methods
  • Act as Training Consultant to Program Manager by conducting ongoing assessments of training needs and making recommendations to maximize Field Rep training efforts in-store

Field Rep Training

  • Train Field Reps on soft skills and our client products, technologies, promotions and programs
  • Design training programs appropriate to the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed
  • Develop training and presentation proficiency through a Trainer Qualification Program for Field Reps
  • Work with our client to develop and deliver curriculum for all Field Rep training meetings, account/store trainings, and retail/headquarter requested training events

             * Create/modify training materials and other documents such as presentations, job aids, instructor guides and exercises etc.
             * Prepare for a variety of delivery formats including formal (e.g. a classroom), informal (e.g. floor-walking, trade-show)  virtual (e.g. webinar, conference call) settings
             * Ensure the learning environment and resources support learner needs
             * Prepare the learning environment and resources, including setting up IT equipment as required

  • Collaborate with internal/external resources as appropriate to execute training delivery
  • Work with our client to identify and distribute relevant information and material to the field

Retailer Training

  • Accountable for planning and delivery of training for retailers
  • Motivate, train & coach retailer staff and to accomplish our client's revenue & share goals
  • Train RSAs in either group trainings and/or one-on-one
  • Build RSA advocacy for our client products through effective relationship development
  • Attend and conduct high profile/special events, such as national and regional trade shows that require expert product knowledge and dynamic presentation ability
  • Develop strong relationships within each of our client's channel partners resulting in improved execution and incremental sales
  • Brief retailer staff on changes to our client programs, products or measurement requirements
  • Support retailer staff with access to the our client training and communication assets

Training Evaluation

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and learning outcomes utilizing data analysis and other techniques
  • Report feedback to Agency, Retailer, Brand, along with observations, insights, and suggestions for improvement

Knowledge & Expertise

  • Maintain superior working knowledge of all current our client products and informed on all current our client technologies
  • Frequently visit Brand and Retailer knowledge sites and review material as provided; stay up to date on Product and Industry information
  • Cultivate other sources of information related to Market, Brand, or Customer trends and incorporate insights into preparation, creation, and delivery method
  • Research and implement methods to enhance content development & delivery. E.g. Presentation technology, involvement & evaluation techniques etc.
  • Develop peer networks to stay current with best practices

Role Competencies, Knowledge & Skills

The differentiating competencies that candidates must possess to be considered for a Trainer role and which will be further developed by the Trainer Qualification Program, are as follows:

Differentiating Competencies

Thoroughness: Ensuring that one’s own and other’s work and information are complete and accurate; carefully preparing for meetings and presentations; following up with others to ensure that agreements and commitments have been fulfilled

Customer Orientation: Demonstrated concern for satisfying one’s external and internal customers

Interpersonal Effectiveness: The ability to notice, interpret, and anticipate others’ concerns and feelings, and to communicate this empathetically to others effectively

Flexibility: Openness to different and new ways of doing things; willingness to modify ones’ preferred way of doing things

Establishing Focus: The ability to develop and communicate goals in support of the business’s mission. Note: This is a complex competency involving strategic thinking, planning skills, facilitation skills, and communications skills. This is a special application of Initiative

Diagnostic Information Gathering: Identifying the information needed to clarify a situation, seeking that information from appropriate sources, and using skillful questioning to draw out the information when others are reluctant to disclose it. Note: This is a special application of Initiative

The knowledge & skills that candidates must possess to be considered for a Trainer role and which will be further developed by the our client Trainer Qualification Program, are as follows:

Knowledge & Skills

Delivery:  Knows the audience.  Delivers training based on unquestioned knowledge of material.  Engages and motivates the participants.  Achieves learning objectives.  Adapts to meet changing time and participant requirements.  Solicits/collects feedback.

Planning:  Schedules travel effectively and efficiently.  Knows audience, venue, equipment and materials that are needed and what is available.  Shares plans with all stakeholders.  Requests support as needed to meet plan

Evaluation:  Formally and informally evaluates the effectiveness of their training.  Seeks the data necessary to evaluate at Kirkpatrick’s levels 1 and 2: reaction and learning.  Reports on effectiveness

Customization:  Ability to revise content meaningful to the audience and in a simple to understand way. Uses feedback from pilots and training to continuously improve content and approach

Product Knowledge:  Technically savvy with understanding of product operation, features, strengths and negatives.  Talks passionately and knowledgeably about our client products.  Stays up to date on what is available and coming

Retail Industry Knowledge:  Understands the industry and how it operates.  Knows the retailers.  Knows the products. Knows our client competitors and their strengths and weaknesses

Reporting:  Skilled in operations of required reporting systems.  Knowledgeable in the KPIs that are being reported and how they fit in their personal targets.  Delivers accurate and meaningful reports as required and on time

Role Measures and Requirements

The role of the Trainer will be remunerated on a xx% base and up to xx% bonus based on performance as defined by the following metrics. Key measures are as follows:


Content Development: Customized, high quality content/collateral that effectively delivers to the priorities of the Brand, Audience, and Retailer.

Delivery to Standard: Training delivered on time, schedule, and budget.

Successful Delivery: Evaluations from a happy, engaged audience who demonstrates immediate difference in knowledge and skill; longer term retention

Data reporting:  Reports of amazing quality, detail, and practicality that enable better training delivery and sales results

Role Requirements and Suggested Knowledge


1.       Bachelor’s Degree or comparable technical certifications

2.       Superior public speaking skills; Relaxed, confident and able to connect with large & small audiences

3.       Technology Enthusiast – genuinely interested/avid user of technology with an expert knowledge of PC hardware and software, operating systems, consumer electronics products and gaming platforms. our client product knowledge a plus

  • Previous sales and/or training experience required

5.       Previous consumer sales or retail experience preferred

6.       Team player – able to provide coaching/mentoring

7.       Have reliable transportation ;Able to travel and work frequently on weekends depending on seasonality and business needs

8.       Must pass pre-employment background check and possibly a drug screen

  • United Kingdom, Calow

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